Mens Counseling is a program of Clermont Behavioral Health.
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We work with people, not patients. Professional counseling was developed to help us identify the deeper patterns we have come to rely on when dealing with the relationships we have with others and, most importantly, with ourselves. By understanding these patterns and gaining perspective and insight on the behavior they foster, individuals can be empowered to facilitate change, increase their level of confidence and find a remarkable new level of fulfillment. We provide a safe and confidential environment in which emotional healing and positive change take place. My therapeutic style is intuitive, warm and engaging. You may be challenged on some of your beliefs, for that is how we grow, but we are never judgmental.

Trying to deal with the impact of past and present experiences or coping with the pressures and complexities of life on your own without professional feedback and guidance can be difficult at best and more time consuming than necessary. Having the support of a professional who is knowledgeable, compassionate and empathetic can help make all the difference in moving forward in your life.