Peter Rivkees, MS, MBA, LPC, LMHC, NCC, BCC

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Peter Rivkees

MS, MBA, LMHC-FL MH 12828, LPC-NJ 37PC00575300 , NCC 303845 , BCC 3121
Qualified Supervisor

Peter holds advanced degrees in both business and mental health. He obtained summa cum laude ranking with his MS degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Center for Psychological Studies. He received dual MBA degrees in Finance and Marketing from The University of Hartford.

Peter is the president and founder of Intuitive Resource Group, LLC providing counseling and coaching services as well as STS Partners Executive Search specializing in senior level search assignments, executive coaching, and executive level consulting services. Peter was also a Senior Director at The Jarvis Walker Group located in Florham Park, NJ.

Peter’s clinical internship was completed at The Center for Drug Free Living, an intensive inpatient program for substance abuse and mental health issues where he provided pro-Bono counseling services in conjunction with his private practice.

After twenty-five years of experience in business, Peter decided to address a need he saw in the field and provide mental health support to men, their families, and fellow business professionals. He believes there is a gap in this industry that has not been addressed and is confident he is uniquely qualified to address the issues and concerns of men and the business professional population.

Peter centers his practice on the adult male population and their families, ages 18 and up.


My approach in counseling is one that looks at our beliefs and perspectives. No single person interprets their worlds the same as another. We all have a unique lens from which we see and categorize our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes our lenses collect film or our glasses are not as rosy as we had hoped. I work to adjust your vision, provide some new insights, and gain you a new and functional approach to your world.

Whether it’s in business or in your personal life (or both), if you are interested in exploring your life’s journey to understand who you are and who you want to become, I am interested in working with you.

In my 25+ years of business experience, I realized that companies and their employees have distinct patterns that parallel the patterns in our personal lives. I concentrate a large amount of my focus on overriding these maladaptive patterns of thinking and emotion that interfere with the ability to successfully navigate life and have genuine connections with others.

In therapy, we will take the glasses off and identify patterns of thinking, emotions, and behavior that have caused your interpretation of your world to become hazy. We will identify goals for what you want to see change in your life and tweak the areas we both see as opportunities for growth. We will collaborate on a timeline that suits your needs and honors the issues you bring into session.

Through my own journey through life as a family member, a student, a businessman, and a human being, I have discovered that my view on my experience and life challenges is unique. I will treat yours this way as well.

I have also discovered that while unique, a common thread of self-worth and acceptance often permeates our lives and allows us to say, “I am enough,” or, “I am never enough”. When we choose the option of never, we become the person others want us to be instead of the person we would like to be. This incongruity is what ties our unique challenges into something we can conceptualize in counseling and face together.

My commitment to Each Client

I will help you understand your personal motivations for accepting a life as a person you do not want to be. With this insight, we will discover who you are authentically and develop acceptance towards a more joyful and meaningful life.

Most importantly, your issues, concerns and personal history will greatly influence my approach to our work. You have already taken the first step toward getting help by exploring the services and approaches described in my website. Taking this first step is often the most difficult. I have a great deal of respect for your decision to seek out counseling services.

My beliefs

  • I believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important element of a helpful counseling experience.
  • I believe that a successful counseling experience depends on the therapist’s ability to understand and respect the unique concerns, background, personal history, and worldview of each individual.
  • I believe we all have the ability to change with the presence of genuine motivation.
  • I believe we all have something that is holding us back from being the person that we have always dreamed of being.
  • I believe we all have the right to accept the viewpoint of: “I am enough”.
  • I believe we all have defining moments in our lives that shape our beliefs about ourselves and how we perceive the world.