Why See A Therapist?


Your First Visit  |  Appointments & Fees

If you feel that any of the following points apply to you, then it’s likely that therapy will be helpful to you:

  • One or more problems harm the quality of your life and you don’t know how to solve them
  • You are functioning poorly at school, work, in your family, or in your personal life, for no apparent reason
  • Communication between yourself and your partner are difficult or non-existent
  • You are troubled by anxiety (fear) or depression (sadness)
  • You find it hard to reach out to people around you and develop satisfying relationships
  • You repeatedly behave in ways you regret
  • You feel willing to talk over your troubles in private with a supportive therapist – even though you may also feel unsure or anxious about the thought of doing so

Therapy sessions will focus on your concerns and empower you to work to resolve them, often providing you with insights, strategies, new tools and increased coping capacity.

There is an unfortunate misconception in this world that seeking counseling is an admission of weakness or an acknowledgment of being flawed. In reality, seeking support for one’s self or wanting to fully participate in one’s personal development is a positive affirmation of life. It means you are alive and you are paying attention. Counseling is a creative undertaking that speaks to the courage and curiosity of the human spirit.

Life brings challenges. This is not news to any of us. What we fail to realize is the human need for support and connection during trying times. Counseling is a proven way of effectively coping with life’s stressors in times of need.

In counseling, I offer you the opportunity to work through current life difficulties or problems with someone from outside your immediate circle. I provide a non-judgmental perspective intended to help you make sense of the complex emotions and feelings that may be confusing. Together, we consider and explore your personal situation in a way that leads to fresh understanding. The hope is that these new perspectives will inspire you to change your thoughts and behaviors.

When working with clients I believe that it’s important to look at the whole context of life – family, work, finances, physical health – as well as broader currents in society – the pressures to be successful, or to achieve a certain lifestyle – in order to understand how problems have formed.

Your First Visit

pg1I understand that you may have a significant amount of fear and anxiety in anticipation of your first therapy session. I get it; I’ve gone through counseling and experienced the same feelings. These feelings are normal and I will be mindful of your point of view, not only in your initial session but throughout our therapeutic relationship.

Our initial conversations will help me to gain a thorough understanding of your concerns and your current situation; this will help us determine which strategies may be best to help you achieve positive change. We will discuss therapeutic options and we will start working together toward your goals. I will seek your feedback as we progress, making sure that your expectations are being met with the direction and progress of therapy.

I work with you at your pace; exploring your concerns, anxieties and sometimes irrational or maladaptive responses and thoughts in a positive, confidential and non-judgmental partnership. For personal discovery and growth, it’s paramount to uncover new ways of seeing and understanding unresolved issues that seem stuck in repetitive destructive patterns.

Together we will create ongoing strategies to enable you to build upon our work together, to maintain your sense of purpose and to rediscover yourself and your life.

During our first visit, we will also discuss the necessities of confidentiality, office protocol and contact options

Appointment and Fees

A traditional clinical hour is 45 minutes.

I aim to accommodate busy work schedules by providing morning appointments as early as 7:00 am.

I will maintain a valid credit or debit card on file to ensure we spend the bulk of our time working on what is important to you and finishing our session with more meaningful objectives.  My rates are listed here.

Credit/Debit, Cash or check only.

While it may not be a big deal if insurance companies monitor your pace of treatment and your diagnosis at your general practitioner’s office, it is often much different in counseling. Confidentiality and privacy will be assured by adhering to this policy.

As a counselor, I aim to maintain your confidentiality and your freedom to explore your concerns in therapy. With insurance oversight into the treatment process, it is difficult to provide these services as robustly as my standards demand.

Therefore, I opted to free my practice and my clients from any third-party influence, and I do not accept insurance.

I understand the downside for some clients who must pay out-of-pocket as a consequence or accept a lower rate of reimbursement when they submit my out-of-network invoice. However, I believe the positives are stronger. Future insurance decisions will not be affected by your time in counseling and you will be freed from restrictions on your treatment progress imposed by the insurer.

Your insurance company will still reimburse you at some level for services from out of network providers.

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