Missed Appointment  (canceled less than 48 hours prior to appointment

  • Individual session                     Full fee is due.
  • Family/couples session            Full fee is due.


A traditional clinical hour is 45 minutes. Peter Rivkees is available for appointments on Monday through Friday with limited morning appointments on Saturday.

We aim to accommodate busy work schedules by providing morning appointments as early as 7:00 am.

Payments & Insurance:

We will maintain a credit/debit card on file to ensure we spend the bulk of our time working on what is important to you and finishing our session with more meaningful objectives.

While it may not be a big deal if insurance companies monitor your pace of treatment and your diagnosis at your general practitioner’s office, it is often much different in counseling. 

As counselors, we aim to maintain your confidentiality and your freedom to explore your concerns in therapy. With insurance oversight into the treatment process, it is difficult to provide these services as robustly as our standards demand.

Therefore, we opted to free the practice and clients from any third-party influence, and we do not accept insurance.

We understand the downside for some clients who must pay out-of-pocket as a consequence or accept a lower rate of reimbursement when they submit the out-of-network invoice. However, we believe the positives are stronger. Future insurance decisions will not be affected by your time in counseling and you will be freed from restrictions on your treatment progress imposed by the insurer.

Your insurance company will still reimburse you at some level for services from out of network providers.