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… with Children

Often our children are harmed by a troubled relationship with parents. Our children can feel isolated and often feel that they are at fault for their parents’ issues. A father’s role in our children’s emotional and social development has a tremendous impact on our children and it is this relationship from a very early age that will shape your child’s behavior forever.

A house where yelling, playing one parent against the other and constant stress can have significant impact on your child. Many times the child will feel at fault for the problems at home and can develop depression, anger issues, turn to alcohol or drugs, develop emotional eating, activate self-harm, and act out in risky social behaviors. A house lacking unconditional love and happy memories can lead to emotional distress for your child.

Working with your child individually or as a family, we can explore your child’s feelings and emotions to help them process these difficult feelings to learn coping techniques to reduce their stress, anxiety and emotional trauma.

… with Family

Family relationships can often be confusing, emotional and the most significant reason for family distress. Are you feeling disconnected with your partner, children, parents or siblings? Many times our wounds (scars) from childhood never completely go away and these unprocessed emotions and feelings show up in many ways either through conscious or unconscious actions. We can hold onto long standing resentments, anger and sadness that directly impact our lives on a daily basis.  Together we can explore your current and past family relationships to help you understand the choices you have made and to help you make positive choices as you move forward.

… with a Significant Other / Spouse

Communication is often the downfall of many committed relationships.  How and when we communicate is as important as what we say. Remember it’s not the words that we use…It’s the words and message that the other person hears that is most important.

Relationships often are strained due to children, financial concerns, friendships, hobbies and sexual intimacy. Exploring your individual situation will identify the aspects of your relationship that could benefit from direct interventions to specifically help you take responsibility for your part in the relationship and start the process of healing. Healthy, joyful relationships require commitment to each other and accepting your partner for what and who they are…it is not your job to fix your partner.

… at Work

It is often very difficult to separate our work life with our non-working hours. We often transfer our home-life issues to work and our work based issues to our “off of work” life. You are fooling yourself if you think that your work or home life is not impacted on a daily basis by carrying this baggage with you. We can help you understand the issues that you carry with you, help you understand the impact of these issues and help you create healthy boundaries by setting realistic priorities that will add meaning and joy to your life. Balancing work and personal needs is a constant battle between the need to work for financial security and personal growth and fulfillment. Learn how to put down your cell phone, become more efficient and valuable at work,  learn the power of “no”, reconnect with your family, friends and most importantly yourself.  A healthy, productive and rewarding balance is possible if you desire it enough.

… Divorce

Long before the decision to separate and divorce, your family has most likely been in turmoil. Whether it is a cold, silent, disengaged house or your house is addicted to yelling, blame and resentments; members of your family have been deeply impacted by you and your partner. Your children will feel the anger, confusion and sadness in your home and will look to you for reassurance that they are not the cause of your marriage problems. It is often difficult to remember that “it’s not all about you”.  It’s about making a plan that reassures your children and family members that you are still a family (albeit a bit reformulated) and part of their lives, and that they are still loved. You must be there as a responsible co-parent and be able to offer your family the support that they need when they need it.  For more on Divorce/Grief Click Here